本日:2+0+1+7=10 4+1+3=8 10+8=18=666

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Warning from Japanese military police of possible April 13th mass terror attack on Tokyo.
The Japanese royal family is not going to be in Tokyo on that day. It is also a day of occult significance for the Satan worshippers. It is also in the middle of pass over, a Jewish holiday that celebrates the killing of innocent Egyptians through poison, germ warfare, infanticide etc.
The gnostic illuminati have issued the following warning to the Satanists: If you attack Tokyo then say goodbye to Jerusalem and Rome.
x-Dayは明後日13日夕方から夜とみています。 天皇陛下-何故かこの日のみ公務無し 皇太子殿下-羽田からマレーシアへ 秋篠宮様-広島へ 常陸宮様-沖縄へ 高松宮様-沖縄へ 数秘でも2+0+1+7=10 4+1+3=8 10+8=18=666 何かしらの儀式が控えている筈


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